I’m sure a lot of manga readers had a hard time searching for a different manga reader. That is why I’m going to introduce you an open-source manga application named Tachiyomi. Here’s is a couple of reasons why i use Tachiyomi:

  • Completely free

Tachiyomi is completely free to use and without any ads. That means you can have a great reading experience without any ads interrupting.

  • Open source

Tachiyomi is also open source which means that you can go and look at the code and see how it work and maybe even contribute if you have programming experience.

  • Great ui

Tachiyomi looks great and is easy to get used to. It also has better reader and you can also set custom color options to make your manga be slightly green or something like, even lowering the brightness for midnight reading.

  • A big amount of sources

What I mean by this is that Tachiyomi uses a lot of websites for searching and reading manga. It’s sources are made like separate app that community mostly made which means most of most popular manga sites are almost certainly free.

  • Unlimited downloads

You can download manga as long you have disk space on your phone. I can say that this is completely true because I always have about 5-10 GB downloaded manga to read for when I’m offline.