Dear you,

Life is not a simple equation of 1+1= 2.. Life is full of hard choices, compromise, and sacrifices. “I know you’re looking for happiness; you’re trying to find comfort and warmth. I know your heart is at the right place, but it seems like your choices weren’t..

It seems to me like you broke yourself trying to feel whole again..

like you lost yourself trying to find yourself..

like you’re looking for love in all the wrong places..

you gave up so many things that you shouldn’t have.. you always made sure everyone is happy, comfortable and cared for, but you sacrificed yourself in the process..

you knew exactly how to make everyone around you feel loved, but you didn’t have a taste of that yourself..

you knew how to make compromises, but you compromised all the wrong things..

Dear you, I know you’re trying your best, but you still feel like it’s not enough. Well that’s not true. You’re still trying, and that’s what matters. Keep looking for your heart’s desires, but learn to value yourself while doing it. Look for love and warmth, but know that it can never be forced.

Dear you, I know you’re tired, but I also know that the sun will rise, and you will try again.. Just like you always do..